The Harmony
Of Art With Aerosol


Our company has always been able to relate the qualified employee potential that is trained with advanced technology devices providing service and producing molds in a best way. With this characteristic, our company has become one of the leaders in aerosol sector, which offers aerosol injection molds to the general consumption products sector for more than 50 years.

Our company offers the presentation of finished products with the ability of having mold manufacturing and aerosol production in a body.

With the huge number of molds produced to America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, our company has become popular all over the world and also created an alignment by standing behind our products and providing best service to the customers.


EnvIronmental ConscIousness

We Know Our
For The Future
We accelerate our recycle ratio and support it; with our minimum waste product policy.
By increasing the adaptation of our products, we produce products with little pieces.
We use servo-electricity injection machines.
By producing lightweight products, we lessen the amount of oscillation petrol and those kind of things.

As Güven-El Plastik, we work with our suppliers, employees and customers to minimize our environmental impacts in our aerosol packaging cover and other aerosol production activities.
In accordance with this purpose;

  • To use natural resources efficiently in our business, to ensure the disposal or recycling of wastes,
  • To take measures to reduce the use of energy resources and to improve by setting targets every year,
  • To use energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies,
  • Separating wastes with zero waste management,
  • To comply with all laws, regulations and legislative provisions related to environmental management, to fulfill their requirements and to ensure their continuity,
  • To increase our environmental standards by cooperating with local government organizations and other industrial organizations,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees in order to achieve success in environmental issues and to train them to gain individual responsibility,
  • To continuously improve and develop our environmental performance,

Force The

Unbroken Limits Are The Beginning Of Disappearance



We are working to transform new ideas into new outputs creating value. We are transforming new and creative ideas into products which creates added-value by developing ideas with marketing research. This transformation provides you sustainable growth by getting your products to an  incomparable and immeasurable place. Providing sustainable growth is the most important resource for innovation circle and system. Enabling this resource is only possible by making products presented to the customers indispensable.

Although the sustainable growth determines your products innovation abilities and success, it is directly related to the governance of growth as well. Governance, like other all growth departments, in innovation system also; requires  transparency and clarity in designing and applying; participation and having the responsibility of all actors as well.We are innovative, what about you?


We Are Everywhere Needed