Our company, which has come to the fore in the sector with its aerosol filling industry & cosmetic caps and accessories in recent years, continues on its way with firm steps by increasing its production and product range every year. Guven-El, which maintains its pioneering personality with its experience in the plastic and mold sector, accepts as a principle to support customer satisfaction with its corporate structure and contributes to the economy of TURKEY.

We offer you products with different features that we use in all areas of life, mainly in the cosmetics sector. We will continue to develop products and offer innovations to the global market by analyzing the technical data recorded as a result of our research. With the responsibility of being a leading company, our brand, which does not act with commercial concerns, continues our activities with the aim of providing employment and producing works.

The burden of our brand, which takes place in all national and international platforms, develops and produces products, does not scare us, on the contrary, it motivates us. With this motivation, we are always dynamic, always strong...

As Güven El Plastik, our Integrated Policy;

Senior management,


  • Accountability for the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, 
  • Ensuring that the Integrated Policy and quality objectives are established and that they are compatible with the strategic direction and context of the organization, 
  • Ensuring that the terms of the Integrated Management System are integrated with the business processes of the organization, 
  • Promoting the use of process approach and risk-based thinking, 
  • Ensuring the existence of the necessary resources for the Integrated Management System, 
  • Sharing the importance of effective quality management and compliance with quality management system requirements,,
  • Ensuring that the Integrated Management System achieves its intended outputs, 
  • Recruiting, directing and supporting people who will contribute to the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,
  • To keep Occupational Health and Safety (ISG) at the highest level by evaluating the risks of the sector in detail, to prevent injuries and health deteriorations arising from the workplace; To continuously provide the necessary resources for the prevention of accidents and diseases,
  • To ensure that the employees receive the necessary training on Quality, OHS and Environment, and to become conscious and sensitive individuals,
  • To establish, implement and maintain processes for consultation and participation of employees at all appropriate levels in the development, planning, implementation, performance evaluation and improvement activities of the OHS management system,
  • To be respectful to people and the environment with a focus on protecting our environment at all stages of our activities,
  • To support the use of energy resources in a way that does not harm the environment, to reduce waste and waste, to increase the recycling rate,
  • To fulfill all national and international requirements within the framework of legal obligations,
  • To encourage and sustain continuous improvement,
  • Supporting other relevant management officers to demonstrate their leadership (as applied to their areas of responsibility),
  • By fulfilling, it demonstrates leadership and commitment.
Our Vision

To be an international brand that focuses on change and development, offers value by making a difference for all its stakeholders, respects its country and values, has a positive social impact, and makes a difference in the plastic packaging industry.

Our Mission

With our flexible structure and creative production approach, our aim is to produce packaging according to the needs and expectations of our plastic packaging customers by using technology in their sector, and to contribute to the Turkish economy by turning to export.


ISO 45001 : 2018
ISO 14001 : 2015
ISO 9001 : 2015